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Economical Banner And Stand

Roll up banners have many names, and it can be quite confusing. Whether they're pull up banners, banner stands, roll up banners or retractable banner, we are actually talking about the same thing. In a wide range of situations, rollups are a fantastic, portable exhibition display solution which is very useful. They're all basically the same despite different sizes available; they include a banner and stand. Usually, the graphic panel is printed onto dedicated roll up banner material. This material is extremely special mainly because it is opaque to make sure that no light can enter the roll up banner and very thin in order that it can roll up into the banner stand. After printing this graphic panel will then be laminated for protection against scratches and other damage. Another part of the pull up banner is the box unit that stands on the floor. This unit is lightweight making the display portable; it's also strong and has a slot where the graphic is fixed onto a sprung roller. This enables the banner roll up into the box under its very own tension, however, not too tight, to let the display pop up easily into position. The rollups have a pole that goes behind the banner stand graphic panel and holds it upright whenever in use. The banner and stand fit neatly into a provided carry bag and once rolled up they make a great exhibition display item!

Display pop stands are very easy to transport and this is absolutely part of their appeal. Often, banner stands are utilised at exhibitions, hence it's of great importance that they are portable, particularly when there are a number of other things to transport! To make the display portable, the graphic panels roll up into the thin aluminum box, making the unit really small. Banner roll up like this are perfect for use with other roll up banner of the same type. In this manner, you can create a wall of graphics with the use of two or more pull up banners having similar height and width, and since you can order as many rollup banners as you want, you will be able to create an endless width of the wall and owing to the fact that an individual pull up banner is portable and lightweight they would not use all of your available transport space! Therefore if you need a rollup banner and retractable banner just come to Aura Print because we can provide all your printing needs. See lookity here.

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Large Choice Of Display Pop Ups

We offer the best rollups in the business and here at Aura Print, we give so much care and attention into the design and manufacture of our retractable banner stands. Our top quality roll up displays are made with quality bases not forgetting printed with top quality and laminated graphics which are sure to last. We seek to provide you with a portable display solution that works and our roll up banners include neat bags so that they can be easy to carry.

We make several different types of banner stands, but each of our retractable banners are similar in that they're all made up of a printed banner graphic and a stand - which is a slim box that the graphic rolls into. When the box is put on the floor, the graphic display pops up which is held in the upright position having an aluminum pole behind for support. The height of our retractable banners is around 2 metres tall, however some of our models provide a telescopic pole; therefore the height can be adjusted or lowered as required. The banner and stand are light, making the entire display portable at the same time improving the usefulness of the banner roll up. For your display needs, our retractable banner stands make a great solution.

Rollup displays and roller banners are very perfect for exhibition display. Roller banner are a frequent sight at exhibitions, trade shows, theatres, shopping centres and hotels. A roll up display makes a more affordable and more portable option to bigger pop up displays - pull up banners likewise take up less space in transport - a much more portable banner solution.

The best thing is that, it's very easy to change graphics in your rollup banners display. New graphic panels can be printed to go in your roll up display, and it is just a case of taking out the old rollup display and attaching the new one employing a double sided tape. Roll up displays are durable since you can keep changing the graphic panel to meet the changes in your business or events - the roll up stand can be utilised over and over. Roller banners make a great solution to your banner stand roll up requirements - and we make pull up banner and rollup banner designs that are only the best. See


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